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From this website you can download and print the Colournaut’s free resources to support staff wellbeing.
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Colournauts’ Staff Wellbeing Alphabet

The Colournauts’ Staff Wellbeing Alphabet is a free resource to support staff wellbeing in your workplace. The material consists of 26 challenges, one for each letter in the alphabet. The resources enable the staff to communicate and work more effectively together in an environment where everyone’s wellbeing is a priority. 

Why take part?
– Small daily tasks that can make a big difference in every workplace.
– Gives your workplace a shared focus on staff wellbeing, which will boost morale.
– Material is fun and colourful! It will make you smile.
– Workplace will feel more positive and welcoming as the whole staff team focuses on this.
– With little effort you can make a big change!
– It’s completely free!

How to use the material?
-Introduce the material with the Alphabet poster. This should be printed in A3 and displayed in communal areas.
– Decide how to share the individual letter poster (a few at a time, once a week, when the theme is relevant for your workplace).
– Print the individual letter poster in A4 and display in communal areas.
– Take advantage of other communication channels in your workplace and share the posters in electronic form.
– Take part also on Twitter @Colournauts  #staffwellbeingchallenge and on Facebook and Instagram @Varinautit 

The Colournauts is a collaboration of two Finnish primary school teachers, who believe that everyone has the right to feel well in their workplace.  

A special thank you for Katie Hewerdine for helping with the translations.

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