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Annu and Unna Autti are sisters who live in a beautiful wooden house in a small town in the middle of Finland called Utti. They are Colournauts. That means that they try to bring as much colour as possible to people’s lives. Often this means that they help us look at familiar things from a new and fun perspective.

The Colournauts create different kind of activities and exercises that enable children to explore colours in a fun way.
From this page you can find all the materials from the Colournauts that have so far been translated to English.  If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to be in touch:

General material

Have you always wanted to make a poem by a coincidence?
Now it’s your chance to do that!
Cut out all or some of the words from the worksheet and glue them into another paper in any order you like. It could be completely random, or you could spend some time matching the words that you like the best. 

Only add words and pictures that you want, do not feel obliged to use them all.
Have fun making poetry almost by a coincidence!

Well-Being Resources

Colouring pictures

Colournauts’ numbers

Do you love to colour but want to learn Maths at the same time? Practice spotting amounts from these colouring pictures. The number in the top corner tells you which amount you are spotting! You can also use the colouring picture as a prompt for a story.

Colournaut’s Numbers in A4 size colouring pictures.

Colournaut’s Numbers in A5 size colouring pictures.

Creative Arts Activities